unlocking greatness in the 1 in 5 who learn differently

4 Stars

GPS to Learning Success:

Empower your student with LD / ADHD to articulate, illustrate, and share their learning needs and plans for success. Students explore their unique challenges and learning style through a series of quests. The app generates your student’s individual MAP (My Advocacy Plan), and will help prepare for back-to-school and IEP/504 meetings.

Accessible in the Palm of Your Hand:

Your student now has an empowerment tool in their pocket and their personalized advocacy plan to share anywhere with anyone. The app leverages iPhone assistive technology features, and an Android version is planned.

You’re Not Alone:

Your student will be guided through the app by videos of successful Mentors with learning differences at many points on their educational and professional path. By using this app, your student will join the Eye to Eye community of different learners. Together, you have no idea how able we are.