unlocking greatness in the 1 in 5 who learn differently

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The magic happens when Eye to Eye gets face to face. Inspire your audience with a presentation, workshop, or keynote from an Eye to Eye Diplomat, who's a successful student, or a Senior Diplomat, who's an established leader in their field.

Diplomats at a Glance

  • Senior Diplomats: Established leaders in the field who can address the big picture
  • College-age Diplomats: Role models who offer fresh, relatable experiences
  • Our 30+ young Mentors with LD / ADHD are professionally trained to speak to groups
  • All Diplomats share inspiring success stories and their strategies for success

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From Experience to Expertise

Our Diplomats have taken their own LD / ADHD journey, so they can uniquely empathize with their audience. They've made (and are still making!) a path for themselves to successfully negotiate the difficult, yet distinguishing, LD / ADHD terrain.

A Select Group,Trained to Connect

We've made sure the young people you see are the ones best suited, in terms of character, charisma, and background, to speak their journey to self-empowerment—and to spark a transformation in their audience. We continue to support our speakers as well. By the time our Diplomats reach your stage, they command it like seasoned pros!

The Movement Wants You

From being unsure to igniting hope, Diplomats are living proof that for a young person with LD / ADHD, first finding your voice and then giving it bold expression creates a chain of confidence that changes the world. When you can believe in yourself as a different learner, as these Diplomats encourage others to do, you can see yourself as an equal... to anyone.

Taking the Lead

Our Diplomats connect on many different levels, beginning with the platform of authority assumed by our Senior Diplomats, who are recognized leaders in the field of education, cognitive diversity, and social entrepreneurship. Listening to a Senior Diplomat speak (like our Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer David Flink) will illuminate previously unseen paths and energize new hope for everyone in the audience, wherever they happen to be on their journey. Book Now!

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