Who We Are

A movement by and for people who learn differently

It’s a point of pride for us:

Eye to Eye is run by and for people who learn differently. The importance of understanding and embracing the intersectional abilities, identities, and individual experiences of the students and communities we serve extends to our workplace and across our board, reinforcing our vision for inclusion and educational equity for all. This is reflected in the following core values:

Our Core Values

Center the Lived Experience

Our proximity to the problem and commitment to representation ensures the voice of our community is authentically reflected, centered and amplified within our service, work, practices, and culture.

Celebrate Difference

We actively encourage everyone to be their full selves by bringing their unique abilities, identities, and experiences to not only strengthen our work, but also, to enrich and inspire our community.

Lead with Passion

We work hard with purpose - leading with both the head and the heart - recognizing that our passion fuels the movement and is critical to mobilizing the communities we serve and radically reimagining the systems in which they operate.

Foster Inclusion

We create accessible spaces of belonging that celebrate all abilities, inspire shared leadership and investment, and empowers us all to reach our full potential.

Embrace Accountability

We strive for excellence, take ownership, collaborate, and are accountable to each other, our supporters, and ultimately the communities we serve.

Who We Are

At Eye to Eye, we inspire the next generation of different learners and leaders.

1 1,250 Active Volunteers

Our volunteers work directly with students, empowering and building confidence.

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2 5,000+ Successful and Empowered Alumn’Eye

Starting from a place of isolation and uncertainty, Eye to Eye Alumn'Eye gain a newfound sense of assurance and belonging.

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3 95,000 Hearts and Minds Transformed Through Outreach & Community Engagement

As our community grows, so does our effectiveness. Together, we form a chain of confidence that changes the world.



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