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How to Get Started

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Eye to Eye school! Please fill out our interest form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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Where Eye to Eye Works

Eye to Eye serves charter, public, private, and independent schools across 20 states, plus the District of Columbia. Our programs are informed by students who learn differently because we believe the solutions to the challenges faced by this community are best informed by those closest to them.

Deep Sustained Impact

Eye to Eye has a 20+ year history of student-centered and evidence-based programming focused on social emotional skill development - a critically important skill set for students who learn differently. We know four factors have the power to change these students’ trajectories.

Strong Social and Emotional Skills
Effective Accommodations
Supportive Environments
Expanded Leadership & Organizing Capacity

Here’s How It Works

1 Fill out the Interest Form

If your school does not currently have an Eye to Eye chapter, or if you'd like to bring a different Eye to Eye program offering to your school, please complete the interest form below.

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2 Meet with our Team

After you complete the form, a member of the Eye to Eye Partnerships team will reach out to set up a time to meet.

3 Determine Your School's Needs

Our team will work with you and gather an understanding of your school's needs to determine how we can best amplify your work.

4 Recruit Participants

This is where the fun begins! Eye to Eye's Student and Educator Impact teams will work with you to recruit educators and students to make your program a success.

—Bari Levin, Educator, Golf Middle School (Retired)