Profile Marcus 2

"At Eye to Eye, our entrepreneurial, passionate, team-driven culture inspires us to create meaningful change in the world. You have no idea how able we are!"

Marcus Soutra

President, Eye to Eye

Stephanie Profile

"As a student, Eye to Eye gave me the confidence to persevere when I wanted to quit school. It is an honor to be part of Eye to Eye's team, giving the 1 in 5 confidence that how other people perceive their intelligence is not the final measure of success. Moving into my new role on the growth team, I can't wait to see what the future holds!"

Stephanie Whitham

Eye to Eye, Senior Coordinator, Growth and Outreach

Steven Flores Profile

"As a student at Berkeley, I volunteered for Eye to Eye as a Mentor and Chapter Leader and found an empowering community of different thinkers. After college I went on to work at Apple. Since then, I have chosen to work at Eye to Eye to help provide leadership opportunities for individuals with learning differences."

Steven Flores

Executive Coordinator, Eye to Eye

Unlocking Greatness in the 1 in 5 who Learn Differently