Who We Are

Our Boards

Governing Board

Jim Balfanz

President, City Year

Rhett Bennett

Managing Director, Minot Capital, LP

Joanna Burleson

Managing Director at Monitor Institute by Deloitte

Ben Chesler

Co-Founder, Imperfect Foods

Amory Donohue

Founder, Language in Action, LLC

David Flink

Chief Empowerment Officer, Eye to Eye & Author of "Thinking Differently"

Inger Dewey Golob

Co-Owner, PhotoBall, & Learning Disability Advocate | Member Since 2018

Kevin Greer

Partner, Learn to Earn Fund, New Profit | Member Since 2018, Board Treasurer

Alan Harlam

Adjunct Lecturer in International and Public Affairs, Brown University | Member Since 2016, Board Chair

Tim Hebert

CEO, Trilix | Member since 2020

Alisha Howell

Vice President, Lillian Lincoln Foundation and former Chapter Leader | Member since 2021

Carol J. Hampf, JD

Education & Learning Disability Advocate | Member Since 2018, Board Secretary

Jesse Sanchez

Culture Amp and former Eye to Eye Chapter Leader | Member since 2020

Leadership Council

Shawn Jacqueline Bohen

Chief Transformative Impact Officer, Year Up

Ross Buffington

Chief of Staff, Arc Touch and former Eye to Eye Board Member

Steve Carnevale

Executive Chairman, Sawgrass Technologies

Beth Cogan

Partner, Goldman Sachs

Shari Crotty

Advisory Council, University of Notre Dame DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, Advisory Council, Cure Alzheimer's Fund & Learning Disability Advocate, and former Eye to Eye Board Member

Susan Donahue

Board Member, Boston Medical Center, Museum of Fine Arts, and Health Leads

Elizabeth Alda O’Heaney, EdD

Special Educator & Learning Disability Advocate

Roch Hillenbrand

Founder and Managing Director, Stony Brook Investments

Vanessa Kirsch

Founder and CEO, New Profit, Inc.

Adam Koplewicz

Director, EJS Development, backed by LS Power Group

Jenny Krause

Continuous Improvement Supervisor, Professional Development and State Initiatives Wyoming Department of Education Division of Individual Learning

Laura Giadorou-Koch, JD, LLM

CEO, Dolium Wines

Rick Lavoie

Special Educator and LD Advocate

Tammy Mobley

LD Advocate and Co-Founder, Every Kind of Mind

Stephen Neidich

Artist and Eye to Eye's 2015 Artist-in-Residence

Stacy Parker-Fisher

Education Consultant

Anne Schneider

Founder and President, LD Access Foundation

Susan Segal

Parent Advocate

Susan Kurz Snyder

Founder, Principal, & Senior Legal Recruiter, Greene-Levin-Snyder Legal Search Group

Lester Strong

President, Courtney Strong, Inc. | Member since 2019