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Alyssa Tundidor

Senior Coordinator Near-Peer Mentoring

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Alyssa grew up in Hampton, Virginia. She was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive type in the first grade after symptoms of distractibility, impulsivity, and parental and teacher concerns regarding the aforementioned issues. She is a practical learner who likes kinesthetic activities. She was introduced to Eye to Eye her junior year of college and became a chapter leader and a diplomat by her senior year. She earned her B.B.A in Management from Radford University in 2019. After college, she primarily worked in staff development and benefits administration. In her current role, Alyssa is excited to contribute to the Eye to Eye community by assisting chapter leaders in running successful programs and encouraging relationship-building between mentors. She loves the sense of community she feels in Eye to Eye and is eager to share that with others. She enjoys reading, writing, swimming, and professional tennis.

Favorite Quote

When you’re good at something, make that everything"

—Roger Federer

Why this Work is Important to Me

Although I had supportive parents when I was growing up, I didn’t have self-confidence and often felt like my educators didn’t understand me. When I went to college and became a mentor for Eye to Eye, it was so fulfilling to see the difference we make in the lives of our mentees. Seeing them light up when you can relate to a facet of their lives that they thought no one would understand is so enriching. I believe that we as an organization can help the next generations of the 1 in 5 have the self-confidence, the self-advocacy, the resources, and the community to be not only successful but fulfilled in their lives.

Favorite Part of My Job

Although I am new, pulling from my experiences in being a mentor and then eventually running the chapter, I thoroughly enjoy watching mentors and mentees alike blossom and feel comfortable in being themselves and really leaning into that camaraderie that is so beloved in our organization.

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