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Cole Hendricks

Young Adult Impact Manager

Cole Hendricks headshot

About Cole

Cole was born and raised in Noblesville, IN. Diagnosed with ADHD in third grade, he used sports and the arts as an output for all the excess energy. Upon graduating high school, Cole attended Purdue University where he earned a BS degree in Animal Sciences. After a rough start to college, Cole joined Eye to Eye his sophomore year at Purdue and quickly immersed himself in the program. He served as a Mentor, Chapter Leader, and Diplomat. During those four years, Cole also continued his love for the arts by joining an improv comedy group on campus called The Crazy Monkeys. In his free time Cole likes to travel, cook, drink tea, sing, and hang out with friends.

Favorite Quote

I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

—Thomas Edison

Why this Work is Important To Me

Growing up, I was told my ADHD was supposed to miraculously disappear with age and maturity. As I got into college, I quickly realized that wasn’t the case and without the soft skills to succeed I felt like I was going nowhere. Eye to Eye helped me discover the ability inside my disability and begin seeing my ADHD as a superpower! This work is important because it empowers students to celebrate their learning differences and breaks down stigmas to show just how able we are.

Favorite Part of My Job

Getting to hear all the stories and experiences of how LDs/ADHD have impacted people’s lives and different ways they have empowered them to be successful.

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