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Diego Rivera

Operations & Human Resources Manager

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Diego (he, him, his) works collaboratively across all departments to support the continued growth and development of our team and day-to-day operations of the organization, including primary responsibility for managing Eye to Eye’s human resource function and providing a full suite of services to ensure we have the right people in the right roles with the resources, tools, and support they need to thrive.  

Prior to Eye to Eye, Diego managed operations for the Health Finance Institute, where he helped develop the foundational processes, policies, and procedures in the areas of HR, general operations, and internal finances. Prior to that, he served in two other nonprofits: Animal Outlook and The Equal Rights Center in similar capacities, as Director of Operations and Operations Manager respectively. 

Diego earned his B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in Public Policy, Pre-Law, and Global Studies from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and his M.P.A. in Human Resource Management and Nonprofit Financial Management from George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. Outside of work, Diego enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and enjoying walks outside, when the weather is nice. He also loves to travel and has been to countries in Europe, North and South America.

Favorite Quote

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another route.

—Dolly Parton

Why this Work is Important To Me

To me, Eye to Eye’s mission transcends learning differences. I think accepting anyone’s differences can lead to a more inclusive world. We are all different, we all make mistakes, we all have a lot of learning and acceptance to do. Life wouldn’t be the way it is without continuous learning and growing. In that sense, I love Eye to Eye’s mission because it reinforces the value of learning, growing, and accepting each other: in seeing each other eye to eye.

Favorite Part of My Job

What I love about my role is the strategy piece: identifying where people can potentially fit within an organization. In that sense, I love meeting new people and learning from them. We are all skilled in unique ways and come together to form the whole of the organization, so in that sense, I like identifying ways people can and could contribute to the whole.

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