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Emma Cardona Associate Director, People & Operations

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Emma (she/her/hers) began her career in higher education, working in various positions within Student Affairs including Residential Life and the Office of the Dean of Students. Throughout all of her roles, Emma has considered herself an advocate and prides herself on helping students navigate systems and processes that can be overwhelming. She has spent many years coordinating training and development efforts, streamlining efficiencies, and working towards improving the culture of any department she has worked with.

Emma is a proud double-alum from Stony Brook University, earning her BA in Journalism and MA in Higher Education Administration. She has always been fascinated by culture, and how the decisions we make can impact the people and society around us.

Outside of work she has two young boys that keep her plenty busy, and enjoys exploring local coffee shops with her husband in their hometown on Long Island, NY.

Why this Work is Important to Me

My older brother was born with a genetic condition, Fragile-X Syndrome. Growing up we had vastly different educational journeys and my mom was constantly fighting for my brother’s right to an education, while I was afforded every opportunity. Watching her advocate for my brother taught me the power and importance of advocacy, especially within the context of education. Since a young age I knew I wanted to help others find a voice to advocate for themselves. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with an organization that teaches self-advocacy skills and values education for all.

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