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Sabrina Odigie

Executive Assistant

Sabrina Odigie headshot

Born and raised in Chicago, Sabrina hails from a long line of teachers, farmers, and musicians, but ultimately community members. She spent most of her professional life in the nonprofit sector, always leading with personhood and the power of inclusion top of mind. She started at Ravinia Steans Music Institute in Highland Park, where she assisted in artistic programming and organizational duties, including anticipating the needs of international musicians and teachers. Even in executive arts administration, Sabrina maintained the importance of applying compassion, attentiveness, and action. In her following artistic role, she worked to improve the experience of racially, socioeconomically, and neurodiverse individuals, ultimately tripling retention. As a professional Executive Assistant, Sabrina brings that same dedication to the right to a comfortable human experience. She is thrilled to join a team of like-minded individuals and is eager to share its impact with the community at large. Outside of work, Sabrina is also a professional comedian and director. 

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