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Sare Gerin

Partnerships Manager

Sare Gerin headshot

Sare is our Partnerships Manager at Eye to Eye and has over a decade of experience advocating for students and partnering with education institutions. Their experience ranges from college access and admissions to curriculum and leadership development, to design thinking and facilitation. Most recently before joining the Eye to Eye team, Sare worked in the corporate training space as a management/organizational consultant and is excited to bring those experiences to the team in order to deliver clear, strategic, and people-focused initiatives. 

A firm believer in the transformational power of connection, Sare strives to co-create spaces and experiences that empower people to be their authentic selves. Building trust is integral to their approach. 

Sare is originally from South Florida and currently resides in upstate NY. They have Bachelor’s degrees in Cognitive Science and Art History and a Master’s degree in Human Development (a self-described Human Behavior Nerd!) In their spare time you can find them playing drums, watching stand up, leading somatic/mindfulness workshops, and spending way too much time at the grocery store. 

Favorite Quote

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

—Mary Oliver

Favorite Quote

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

—Mary Oliver

Why this Work is Important to Me

It’s easy to make the jump from ‘this [system] doesn’t work for me to ‘something is wrong with me.’ I’ve seen this happen often with the students I’ve worked with…and have experienced this myself. I was diagnosed with neurodivergence later in life (made worse after a TBI), not realizing that much of my brain-drain, energy, and creativity went into simply trying to use tools and systems that weren’t right for me. Releasing that expectation and leaning into other ways of creation has been transformational – for myself and the organizations I work with.

Identifying, harnessing, and sharing our unique strengths can unlock so much potential for ourselves and everyone around us. I love being part of that interconnected process- you never know what the impact will be!

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