May 1, 2023

5 Neurodiverse and Mental Health Instagram Accounts you should be following

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve put together a list of our top five favorite Instagram accounts focused on neurodiversity and mental health. Whether you need inspiration, information, or want to connect with others who share your experiences, these accounts have got you covered. From fun facts and memes to video clips and deep thoughts, they regularly share creative and relevant content to keep your feed interesting and informative.

1. I AM PAYING ATTENTION | ADHD + Autistic Community

The @iampayingattention account is a community of ADHD and autistic individuals that provides access to support, resources, and chat channels. We love how their posts share impactful stories, tips, and prompts for followers. We also appreciate seeing the inventive way they bring awareness to mental health through pop culture, memes, and eye-catching graphics.

2. DANIELLE | ND Wellness Muva

@zelue is a Digital Creator who shares experiences, learnings, and self-care tips related to her journey as a late-diagnosed BIPOC adult with autism and ADHD. Her black woman perspective demonstrates how neurodivergence is intersectional and culturally relevant. There is also an “a day in my shoes” feel to her posts that are approachable and relatable for the average person, which adds a unique quality to her work.

3. BLEZZING **YOUR FEED** DADA | Mental Health Activist

Looking at the feed for @blezzingdada is guaranteed to pull you in. The tagline on their profile link reads, “Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated. You’re so loved friend.” This represents the inclusive and appreciative posts on their Instagram feed. From tips on self-advocacy to ways to be a better activist, you are guaranteed to learn something with every post.

4. BLANKA ZSANNA | Mental Health & Neurodiversity

The first thing you might notice when you visit @theurbanponytail on Instagram is her artistic flare. As a digital creator, every post has a well-branded and unique visual appearance that will keep you scrolling. She shares important information about mental helplines, student-specific concerns, battling depression, and more. On top of that, her Etsy shop is jam-packed with pins, jewelry, stickers, and more products that reflect the same energy of the digital art she shares through Instagram.

5. ADHD AS FEMALES | Podcasters and Activists

We love that @adhdasfemales uses their Instagram presence to showcase neurodivergent people from its community. Their feed provides plenty of mental health events, articles, influencers, and public figures to learn more about. As podcasters, they dive deep into stories about ADHD, self-acceptance, and advocacy. Exploring their profile link will give you even more to browse on nearly every platform!

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