CBS Pittsburgh | Program Pairs Kids With Learning Disabilities With Mentors

Reporter Kristine Sorensen of CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA) highlights the Eye to Eye University of Pittsburgh-Schiller STEAM Academy chapter and shares the importance of mentors for students with learning disabilites. The story was also shared in Kidsburgh, an online outlet that covers programs shaping the future of children’s learning, health and play in the Pittsburgh region. 

Favorite Quote

I honestly just want other kids to know that this isn't something that has to hinder you in life. That you can be successful and you can succeed even having a learning difference or a learning disability.

—Meera, Eye to Eye Chapter Leader, University of Pittsburgh

Favorite Quote

And being able to use what I have been through as lessons for other people kind of helps me look at my own struggles through a more positive light.

—Lydia, Eye to Eye Chapter Leader, University of Pittsburgh

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