Jun 3, 2024

Congrats, Graduates of 2024!

This year, our national team celebrates the neurodiverse students in the graduating class of 2024. We are so proud of you! Graduation is a huge milestone for all students, and their tireless efforts and the self-advocacy required of graduates who learn and think differently are worth a special celebration! 

Neurodivergent students in high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide have worked with us throughout the year to lead neurodiverse student communities, deepen their learning, and work with their peers to advocate for change. Through The Neurodiversity Alliance club network, we have seen students from Issaquah High School, Florida State University, Knox College, and the University of Chicago take leadership, demonstrate excellence, and create community. Our Near-Peer Mentoring Program team is thrilled to celebrate a year of mentoring accomplishments and student success at our chapters nationwide. We are excited to support our high school graduates on their journey to and through college and other career pathways and eager to see all the positive changes they bring as they begin their careers or further their studies. 

We applaud your academic achievements and wish you the best in your future endeavors! From all of us at Eye to Eye, congratulations!

Watch the video on the platform-host, Memento.

Download the video on Google Drive (available for MP4 download) 

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