News In It Podcast | The power of mentors for kids who learn differently

What’s one way to empower kids who learn differently? Connect them with near-peer mentors who learn differently, too. 

Hosts Gretchen Vierstra and Amanda Morin speak with Marcus Soutra, the president of Eye to Eye, one of Understood’s founding partners, and Chapter Leaders Lydia Blazey and Meera Shamiyeh to discuss how mentoring can help youth gain self-awareness and develop self-advocacy skills. 

Favorite Quote

I got diagnosed pretty late. And so I never really had the language to talk about my LD or, you know, anyone to kind of reflect on what was happening in my life. It was very solitary, I couldn't compare my experiences with anyone else. And so I just kind of had to go about life as I was. And so I think being able to talk about this with a group of people, it's so much easier to see and to understand your LD in the context of learning and going to school."

—Lydia, Eye to Eye Chapter Leader, University of Pittsburgh

Favorite Quote

I was also diagnosed around 15, and I think having someone who would have gone through high school and college already having that experience and then being able to say 'Hey, it's OK, like, you'll make it through. You'll be OK at the end of the day.' I think that would have just made a world of difference."

—Meera, Eye to Eye Chapter Leader, University of Pittsburgh

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