May 2, 2024

NDA Visits Knox College

The Neurodiversity Alliance (ND Alliance) staff team hit the road this month to visit our nationwide ND Alliance clubs to support advocacy, education, and club organizing. We were especially delighted to visit Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and had a chance to reflect on the work they and other ND Alliance clubs are doing nationwide. Students at Knox College, who run an active club, invited us to visit their campus to engage in community building, advocacy, and awareness activities.

Club leader Audrey guided the staff on a campus tour, showcasing the historical landmarks, introducing them to club members, and stopping at the Office of Disability Support Services. The services provided by the Office of Disability Support Services are crucial for many neurodiverse students at the campus, providing them with essential accommodations and support.

ND Alliance Director Adrian Martinez and Organizer Mike Aronsson hosted a listening session on campus with ND Alliance club members to better understand the experience of neurodiverse students on campus. The listening sessions are ongoing throughout the school year and aim to inform our national strategy and gain insights into the advocacy needs of students nationwide. Shortly after the listening session with students, ND Alliance held a short teach-in with the Student Senate about neurodiversity and ways to build inclusive campus environments for neurodiverse students.

NDA visits Knox College

[image description: ND Alliance students at Knox College pose for a photo after a listening session. Photographed are nine students of various ages, sizes, and abilities and two staff members of the ND Alliance. Students pose in a room with flipcharts with thumbs up, peace signs, and fidgets after a conversation about neurodiversity.]

To learn more about the ND Alliance and how to launch a club on your high school or college campus, fill out our form. If you are a current high school or college neurodivergent student, we want to hear about your school experience. Please fill out our national survey to share your experiences Click here to take the virtual survey.

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