Near-Peer Mentoring Program Featured on NBC 29

E2E featured on NBC 29 in Charlottesville, VA

Eye to Eye was featured on NBC 29 in Charlottesville, Virginia to showcase the relaunch of University of Virginia’s Near-Peer Mentoring chapter. UVA students who have already overcome learning challenges will be sharing lessons with younger students through the program. See the full story here

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Neurodiversity In The Workplace: Why Its An Asset, Not A Liability

Featured Image from Forbes Article

Eye to Eye is featured in a Forbes story about Neurodiversity in the workplace. The article features E2E chapter leader Cymeria Robshaw and covers important topics like barriers to providing quality work experience, enhancing the experience for talent and strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion. Pulling from an interview with E2E founder and CEO, David Flink,…

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Eye to Eye Featured on Fox 5 NYs Good Day Street Talk

Eye to Eye mentor and mentee at after school program

Eye to Eye’s Marcus Soutra and Sammi Sapira join Antwan Lewis on Fox 5 NY’s Good Day Street Talk to discuss issues facing young adults. Start watching at minute 5:50 to hear about how Eye to Eye is partnering with schools to elevate students’ strengths and improve their academic experience.

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MacKenzie Scott contributes $5 million to Eye to Eyes $15 million initiative, aimed at supporting neurodiverse youth

Eye to Eye Chapter Leaders

We are thrilled to share that philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has generously awarded us a remarkable grant of $5 million. This significant investment marks a pivotal milestone in our strategic plan, “Innovate to Amplify,” as we continue our ongoing $15 million fundraising campaign, as well as the larger movement for a more equitable and inclusive school…

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Neurodiversity Alliance empowers neurodiverse students

Featured Illustration by Trin Bonner

The Rocky Mountain Collegian features the ND Alliance and explores how ND students and allies at Colorado State University connect and organize to spread awareness and advocate for neurodiversity and learning differences. Read full article here

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David Flink Speaks at Teaching Behaved Brains

David Flink smiling

On February 17, 2023 Eye to Eye’s founder, David Flink will speak at Teaching Behaved Brains. The conference takes place both online and in person. David’s session, “Seen, Heard and Valued: Creating Safe, Supportive, and Inclusive Environments for Neurodiverse Young People” will explore the strategy and impact of Eye to Eye’s Near-Peer Mentoring programs. Learn…

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Students With Disabilities Urge Smoother Transition to College

For college students with disabilities, even small changes to college-classroom procedures—like taking a test in a small, quiet room rather than a echoing lecture hall—can be make or break for academic success, but advocates say securing access to such accommodations can be confusing, costly, and time-consuming. Read the full article at Ed Week

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