Who We Are

But there’s a way forward. Eye to Eye knows. Each of us was once a kid in the corner.

Our Motivation

Eye to Eye gives the kid in the corner an inside chance — to succeed, to self-advocate, to graduate, to have community, to live a life of hope.

Meet Eye to Eye

Why E2E Hero 2 Cw

Eye to Eye is a welcoming hand, ushering students with learning and attention issues into a community where they are helped to move from self-doubt to empowerment — and even their own version of greatness — by near-peers who face many of the same challenges themselves.

Bari Levin

"I have seen tremendous growth in the academic performance of my students who are participating in Eye to Eye. Their improved self-esteem and self-advocacy comes shining through."

Bari Levin

Learning Specialist at Golf School District #67, Morton Grove, IL

Lauren Sessions Profile

“As a high school science teacher, I love to watch the growth I see in my students as they participate in Eye to Eye. The empathic, inclusive community is life changing for students, who may feel like they ‘don’t belong’ in the typical classroom setting."

Lauren Sessions

Science Teacher at Peak to Peak Middle School, Boulder, CO

Vanessa Montgomery Profile

“I had no idea I would find my passion in something I’d been so ashamed of. Eye to Eye helped me find my calling and now I am a special education teacher. I am truly honored that my story inspires others.”

Vanessa Montgomery

M.Ed., Special Education Teacher, Eye to Eye Alumn'Eye and Diplomat


Unlocking Greatness in the 1 in 5 who Learn Differently