By utilizing the lived experiences of our community and elevating the voices of students, we are bringing a more equitable world to bear for people with learning differences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the educational experience and outcomes of neurodiverse young people, while engaging them and their allies in the movement for a more equitable and inclusive society.

What We Do

We empower students by elevating their unique voices, fostering empathetic teacher-to-student experiences, and creating inclusive communities.

Why We're Here

One out of five people has difficulties with learning and attention. However each year, millions of capable students who learn differently experience serious negative consequences to their academic and emotional wellbeing because they are not adequately supported. Together with our partner schools and districts, we equip students and young adults with the skills to advocate for what they need, enhancing confidence and expanding the diverse community of learners modeling strategies and support for each other.

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

From community colleges in rural Wyoming to middle schools in the heart of Harlem, and everywhere in between, our programs have been proven effective for more than twenty years. Since our founding:


Students' lives transformed through our near-peer mentoring program nationally


Parents and educators impacted through professional learning, school assemblies, and speaking engagements


Individuals inspired through awareness-raising and stigma-fighting campaigns

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When you donate to Eye to Eye, you bring another student stuck in self-doubt into our supportive community and into a lifetime of success.

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Join our family of trusted partners including leading foundations, corporations, and individual philanthropists in the education, disability, and broader social justice and equity fields.


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For Educators

Eye to Eye partners with schools to elevate students’ strengths, and improve their academic experience via easy-to-adopt programs that solve a real problem within the education system - all while building a schoolwide, inclusive community.

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For Families

Eye to Eye provides an opportunity for your student who learns differently to build new skills and join an empowering community.

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