Who We Are

Our Story and Mission

Our Mission

Eye to Eye’s mission is to improve the educational experience and outcomes of neurodiverse young people, while engaging them and their allies in the movement for a more equitable and inclusive society.

Our Vision

Eye to Eye envisions an anti-ableist world that embraces neurodiversity.

Why We're Here

In the United States, 1 in 5 students learn differently. This includes those with ADHD and specific learning disabilities like dyslexia and other challenges related to learning.

Different not Deficient

Despite having average to above average intelligence, without proper support students who learn differently perform well below their peers in core academic proficiency resulting in lower retention, increased disciplinary actions, eventual dropout. Educators often struggle with a lack of resources (and support) to adequately meet the needs of students who learn differently, while unknowingly perpetuating harmful attitudes, misconceptions, beliefs, and practices.


A Student-Centered Solution

While the problem seems overwhelming, there is a simple solution. When we empower students and their teachers to develop robust social and emotional skills, create supportive environments, and cultivate advocacy and leadership skills, we provide a path out of stigma and self-doubt.

Meeting Students Where They Are

Our peer-led movement is revolutionizing how society understands and meets the needs of people who learn differently. Eye to Eye unlocks greatness in millions of students, parents, and educators every day of the year, so that they can show the world how capable they are.


Our Story

In 1998 David Flink co-founded the program that would grow into a national movement: college students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities mentoring similarly identified elementary and middle-school students. Eye to Eye has since grown from a college service project into the only comprehensive direct service, outreach, and advocacy organization run by, and for, individuals with learning differences. Eye to Eye's multi-pronged approach empowers thousands of students with learning differences each year while also improving the school environments and the broader societal systems they encounter every day.

Our Origins

In 1998, students from Brown University with learning differences met with students from Fox Point Elementary School in Providence, RI, as part of Project Eye-to-Eye, their public service project. Students in this program had one simple goal: give them hope.

Brooklyn and Beyond

The Eye to Eye office started out on David's kitchen table in New York in 2005 - and soon outgrew it. The program spread from Brown to other universities, and David teamed up with Marcus Soutra, now President of Eye to Eye, to form a 501(c)(3). Soon, there were over 20 school locations serving students from across the country.

Mentoring and More

The mentoring program quickly expanded to include community-wide events and speakers as well as new resources and programs for students and educators. Moreover, Eye to Eye initiated a larger effort to transform cultural perceptions of what it means to learn differently.

What's Next

Every day, an increasing number of students are asking for mentorship and support. In order to reach as many as possible, we're establishing new partnerships with school leaders, non-profit organizations, foundations, and corporations and leveraging new programs and technologies.