What We Do

Our multifaceted approach to inclusive education

Our Approach

We are focused on deep, sustained impact. Our offerings focus on helping students develop strong social-emotional skills, building supportive environments, and growing advocacy and leadership skills.

Student and Educator Programming

Explore our suite of services below.

Near-Peer Mentoring
Educator Professional Learning
Youth Leadership Opportunities
The Neurodiversity Alliance

How Programs Solve Challenges & Connect

Our programs provide youth and young adults with opportunities to develop community, self-awareness, advocacy, and leadership skills. Educators are also supported with Professional Learning to help them enhance their understanding and praxis of working with students who learn differently.

1 Near-Peer Mentoring

Eye to Eye brings together middle school students who learn differently (in grades 5 through 8) with local high school and college students who also learn differently in a supervised, school-based setting where they navigate a fun and engaging weekly curriculum of projects proven to develop the most critical skills students who learn differently need to thrive in school and life.

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2 Educator Professional Learning

Every educator in the building has the potential to positively impact the educational experience and outcomes for students who learn differently in meaningful ways. That’s why Eye to Eye’s workshops are intentionally designed to be relevant and inclusive for all current and aspiring educators working with students in grades 5-12, including general educators, special educators, specialists, administrators, and support staff.

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3 Youth Leadership Opportunities

An inspiring new generation of empowered advocates is committed to educational equity and civic engagement and Eye to Eye is here to support them!

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4 The Neurodiversity Alliance

A community of leaders committed to celebrating neurodiversity and mobilizing for disability justice.

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