Learning Differently 101 for Students

An Introduction to Learning Differently

Experience Learning Differently 101

Learning Differently 101 is the perfect first step in the journey to empowerment for students who learn differently! These courses have been intentionally designed by students and educators to help unlock the power of learning differently.

What To Expect

Learn New Things About Learning Differences

• What learning differences are (and what they're not)
• How to talk about your learning difference
• How to turn your learning difference into your superpower

Hear From Students Like You

• What its like to learn differently
• How to be confident and embrace your learning difference
• Tips for overcoming challenges and achieving success

Practice New Skills

• Fun activities and brain breaks
• Demonstrate what you've learned
• Apply strategies for success in real life

Ready to start your journey?

1 Learning Differently 101 For Students

This free online program is intended for all students who learn differently that are currently enrolled (or entering) grades 5 through 8. Participants complete the course at their own pace online via the Thinkific platform, which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Once complete, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

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—Jenny, Parent of Learning Differently 101 Participant