Our Team

Delilah Steinmann

Mentoring Program Coordinator

Delilah Steinmann headshot

Delilah grew up in Santa Cruz, California. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia and a visual-processing disorder in the 5th grade. Delilah is a hands-on visual learner who is a social butterfly inside and outside the classroom. She was introduced to Eye to Eye in her sophomore year of college as a mentor and later as a Chapter Leader. She has served as a Logistics Intern and Community Leader at various Organizing Institutes at Eye to Eye. She graduated from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in Psychology in 2022. Delilah has a long-standing history of working with alternative learners in the arts education sector. In her current position, Delilah is excited to build community among chapters and share her passion for neurodiversity advocacy with the mentors. Delilah enjoys traveling, being around family and friends, and hanging out with her cat in her free time. 

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