College & Career Readiness

College & Career Readiness Campaign

Hosted by The LD Alliance, powered by Eye to Eye, the College and Career Readiness campaign aims to help support, inform, and empower our community’s young adults through their professional and academic transitions. 

All Eye to Eye and LD Alliance participants are invited to join these upcoming events:

Instagram Live | February 23rd, 2022, 7:00 pm ET

How can someone with LDs make it to college? How can a different learner successfully start their own business? Tune in, listen, and learn as the LD Alliance interviews an LD professional about their journey to empowerment and experiences navigating academic and professional transitions! There will be opportunities to ask questions, so be sure to stay to the end! Follow The LD Alliance on Instagram to join us for this event: @theldalliance

College & Career Readiness Event | February 26th, 2022, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Nervous about life transitions? Join the LD Alliance young adults as they share experiences and celebrate learning differences in professional and learning spaces. At this event, participants will enjoy speakers, activities, and information on various topics related to academic and career transitions including:

  • Preparing for SAT, ACT, or other higher education exams
  • Navigating job and internship interviews
  • Crafting resume and cover letters
  • Receiving accommodations in school and in the workplace.
  • Course management
  • And much much more!


Dr. Jill Corbin
Director of College & Transition Counseling at Denver Academy in Denver, CO, a private, co-educational, independent school for diverse learners. She has worked in higher education and college counseling for over 15 years. She is an American Institute Certified Educational Planner and established a consulting business, The Good Doctor; Prescribing Bright Futures, in 2016 to assist families of diverse learners with the college search process. 

Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Joseph is the CEO and creator of Little Red Fashion, the first fashion ed-tech and publishing company focused on teaching kids about and through fashion. He’s the author of their first book “The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion” and a passionate advocate for a better fashion industry across DEI and sustainability. His passion for advocacy in the LD, LGBTQIA+, and Cerebral palsy communities have been a personal focus since his first speech at 14.

Carolyn Jeppsen
Carolyn is a Co-Founder as well as the CEO and President of BroadFutures, a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower young neurodiverse people through training, mentoring, and internship programs. Carolyn is passionate about creating innovative solutions to empower young people with disabilities to succeed in education and the workforce. She oversees the creation, planning, and implementation of BroadFutures’ strategic direction, as well as the overall administration, program development, and fiscal health.

Glenn Harrell
Glenn Harrell, MBA, M.Ed., BCBA, is a Senior Research Consultant at the USC Race & Equity Center and the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Roger Williams Academy. With graduate degrees in Business Administration, Special Education, and Behavioral Science, Glenn combines his passion for education and research experiences in ABA frameworks for special populations to develop new approaches to therapy, innovative research models, and advising tools for K-12 racial equity work

Claire Robinson
Claire is one of our club leaders at Issaquah High School in Washington state. She will be joining as a student speaker, sharing her perspective and advice on successfully navigating school and preparing for college with a learning difference.

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